Seed 2: The New Breed Drops an Official Teaser Poster

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Seed (2007) Movie Image

Although Uwe Boll’s 2007 horror flick “Seed” wasn’t one of the strongest genre efforts released by the prolific filmmaker, apparently it did well enough to warrant a sequel. Below you can find the official teaser poster for “Seed 2: The New Breed.” Instead of directing the next installment, Boll will step into the role of producer. Marcel Walz has been tapped to helm the project.

Details are scarce for the moment, but it would appear that “Gutterballs” director Ryan Nicholson is tackling special effects duties on the follow-up. Even if the story stinks and sticks to the bottom of your shoes, at least the FX will look nice.

“Seed 2: The New Breed” stars Caroline Williams, Christa Campbell, Nick Prinzipè, Jared Demetri Luciano, Manoush, Natalie Scheetz, Annika Strauss, and Sarah Hayden. While you’re waiting for more information, feel free to stare at the teaser poster below. You should also consider checking out the official Facebook page.

Seed 2: The New Breed (2013) Movie Poster

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