Semi-Pro Bricks at the Box Office

Will Ferrell’s still got the magic touch — sort of. Yes, his basketball comedy “Semi-Pro” took first place in its opening debut at the box office. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it only earned a disappointing $15 million. What’s so bad about that? Because Ferrell’s previous two comedies, “Talledega Nights” and “Blades of Glory” earned $47 million and $33 million, respectively, on their first week at the box office.

The $15 million scored by “Semi-Pro” falls well short of industry expectations, which was at least double that. Considering that Ferrell is in his element — the sports comedy genre, something he’s ruled over in the last few years — the box office is doubly disappointing. We’re not talking about a stab at drama here ala “Stranger than Fiction” or “Winter Passing”.

In second place, the thriller “Vantage Point” landed $13 million in its second week, for a total of $41 million in two weeks of release. The children’s fantasy “The Spiderwick Chronicles” continues to earn a nice chunk of change with $8 million, for a total of $55 million in three weeks of release.

The week’s other debut film, the Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman historic drama, “The Other Boleyn Girl”, took $8 million to stake out the fourth spot. Not bad for a corset-ripper that was shown in only 1/3rds of the screens allotted to Ferrell’s “Semi-Pro”.

Here’s how the box office Top 10 shaped up over the weekend:

1. “Semi-Pro,” $15.3 million.

2. “Vantage Point,” $13 million.

3. “Spiderwick Chronicles,” $8.8 million.

4. “The Other Boleyn Girl,” $8.3 million

5. “Jumper,” $7.6 million.

6. “Step Up 2 The Streets,” $5.7 million.

7. “Fool’s Gold,” $4.7 million.

8. “Penelope,” $4 million.

9. “No Country For Old Men,” $4 million.

10. “Juno,” $3.4 million.

Semi-Pro Bricks at the Box Office