Set Pic: Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond in Green Lantern

If Megan Fox on the set of “Transformers 3” or nude women on the set of the “Conan” reboot weren’t stimulating enough for ya, here’s another one from the “Green Lantern” New Orleans set, featuring actor Peter Sarsgaard in full Hector Hammond mode, completely with huge prosthetic noggin’. In the film, the villainous Hammond is a two-bit criminal who develops superpowers after being exposed to a meteorite’s radiation, which causes his head to balloon and gives him telepathic abilities.

In the first film, Green Lantern (Ryan Reynolds) must face two villains, including Sinestro (to be played by Mark Strong), though director Martin Campbell might very well save Sinestro’s turn to the Dark Side for the sequel.

The film, co-starring Blake Lively as the love interest, opens next year. Pic via ShowbizSky.