Set Pictures from Crank 2

When I heard that Bai Ling had been cast in Jason Statham’s “Crank 2”, I immediately thought: “I’m 100% certain she’s going to be playing a totally skanky, alleyway crack whore character. Or at least, someone who dresses like one.” And sure enough, these images from the set of “Crank 2” have popped up online, giving us our first look at Jason Statham and Bai Ling from the movie. Tell me I’m wrong about Ling.

And oh yeah, JFXOnline had also previously posted more “Crank 2” set pictures showing a half-naked Amy Smart shooting a scene from the movie, but they pulled it when Lionsgate asked them to. Now JFXOnline has put the pictures back up. Um, okay, I don’t get it, but here you go.

More “Crank 2” set pictures over at JFXOnline — Statham and Ling and Amy Smart. And yes, I would skip right over the Statham and Ling link and go right to the Amy Smart one. Samples below.

Crank 2

Amy Smart Crank 2