Seth Gordon Takes Over Uncharted Movie

Seth Gordon on the set of Horrible Bosses (2011) Movie Image

Yes, Sony is still determined to make that “Uncharted” movie based on those Playstation videogames of the same name. Well, sort of. They seem to have an awful hard time getting this thing off the ground, though.

Last we heard, “American Hustle’s” David O. Russell was going to direct the film, making it one of his rare action movies, but he eventually bailed. Given that Russell is winning awards by the bushels these days, I don’t suppose you could say he made the wrong choice.

Uncharted 2 GAme CoverSony is now looking at “Horrible Bosses” helmer Seth Gordon to take over directing chores on “Uncharted,” with the director and studio currently in negotiations. Gordon is known as a comedy guy, with “Identity Thief” and the rather awesome documentary “The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters” also in his pocket, so he’s a pretty interesting choice for what Sony is envisioning as a big-budget action movie.

If Gordon does end up on the project, he’ll be directing from a script by David Guggenheim, who made a name for himself by selling “Safe House” for a nice sum of money. Let’s face it, that movie made bucks because of Denzel Washington. It certainly wasn’t the painfully generic script by Guggenheim.

The games, of course, follows one Nathan Drake, a “treasure and antiquities hunter and descendant of the famed explorer Sir Francis Drake. With a female journalist and his mentor by his side, Drake attempts to find the lost treasure of El Dorado.”

I’ve never played the games, but I do know that “Farscape’s” Claudia Black voiced a character in the previous two installments, so that’s kinda cool.

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Via : Deadline