Seth Landau Can Solve Your Halloween Costume Problems

BryanMaskEarly last year, I was privileged to investigate a snazzy little horror film called “Bryan Loves You,” directed by “Take Out” director Seth Landau. It remains one of the most widely ignored genre outings of 2008, despite appearing on several “Best Of” lists and receiving countless critical acclaim. Why everyone continues to sleep on this eerie little number is truly beyond my realm of comprehension. Maybe it has something to do with the tiny particles often found floating in public water supplies. I’m really not sure.

I was recently contacted by Mr. Landau, who wanted me to spread the good word about the contest he’s currently running. According to Seth, all you have to do to snag one of these incredibly creepy masks — which are, coincidentally, identical to the ones in the film — is to comment on his YouTube video, which can be found lurking around here. A winner will be chosen at random on Halloween, with runners up receiving T-shirts.

If you’ve yet to properly investigate “Bryan Loves You,” please do so immediately. It’s an incredibly accomplished low-budget thriller, and co-stars Tony Todd, George Wendt, Lloyd Kaufman, Daniel Roebuck, and the lovely Tiffany Shepis. I promise it’s good. Then again, I’ve been told I have questionable taste in film. Unfortunately, they might be right.