Seth Rogen Recounts his Megan Fox Diss

Now this is funny. To be perfectly honest with you, I’m not the biggest fan of Seth Rogen. Okay, I kind of think he’s overrated and giving him The Green Hornet to star, produce, and write strikes me as overly, well, dumb. But I gotta admit, after this appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show (people still watch this show?), I think I now like Seth Rogen just a little bit more than I previously did. Mind you, I still think giving the guy an entire franchise to do with as he wishes is a bad, bad, BAD idea, but hey, at least he’s willing to take some shots at himself, and that’s always fun when celebrities do that on national TV when all they really came out to do is promote their movies, TV show, or their latest appearance at some geek con somewhere.

Here’s Rogen on the Jimmy Kimmel show, talking about a time two years ago when he first met Megan Fox, who was then making her first visit to the Kimmel show (yeah, it’s been on that long, apparently) and actually came to Rogen’s room and asked him to stay on the couch while she came on because she was afraid she would be too nervous. (This was before “Transformers” came out and before Megan Fox started showing on every single magazine in existence and became highly enamored with herself. As you can see, that self-love didn’t start just now, it’s been around for a while.)

Rogen agreed, and when Fox came on — well, see for yourself. The Megan Fox segment comes in at 1:50.