Seth Rogen Says Green Hornet is Alive and Ready to Sting

It would appear Seth Rogen is not very happy with last week’s Internet rumor that his movie, “The Green Hornet”, was hanging on life-support over at Sony. In response, the The Mighty Guttural One has sent an email over to Hitfix, who floated the original rumor. Meanwhile, AICN’s head honcho Harry Knowles also takes exception to Hitfix’s rumormongering, claiming that Chow is still onboard the project, if not as director, but definitely as Kato.

Here’s Rogen’s email to Hitfix, who doesn’t exactly retract their original story, but nevertheless appears to be kowtowing to the might of The Mighty Guttural One:

“‘The Green Hornet’ has many people working for it, including production designers, costume designers and many conceptual artists, office staff, etc.,” he said during our e-mail exchange back and forth. “[The studio heads] have every intention on making it, and assuming we’re able to hire a new director in the upcoming weeks, which seems like a distinct possibilty, it should still hit the release date.”

Obviously either Rogen knows something we don’t (which seems likely), or he’s been hitting the “stuff” more than usual (which is also very likely). Nevertheless, here’s what AICN said about Chow’s involvement in the “Hornet’s” nest:

It seems Stephen Chow is still attached and moving forward on GREEN HORNET. Meanwhile, long time Asian Film site, MonkeyPeaches which has provided AICN with an awesome array of Asian Film scoops in the past is reporting that Stephen Chow’s next foreign film is called JOURNEY TO THE WEST!

Here’s my take: after meeting with Sony and Rogen, Chow probably realizes he’s working way below his stature, and is looking for a way out. If he’s still Kato to Rogen’s Green Hornet when (or is that if?) this movie gets made, I’ll be shocked — not to mention a little disappointed.

Below: “Okay, Kato, you take the two guys on the right –” “SHADDUP, YOU!”