Seth Rogen Talks Green Hornet. Hint: It’s Not Pretty, Kids.

When the Green Hornet movie was announced a while back and Seth Rogen, the proposed star and writer mentioned that he wanted Stephen Chow to play Kato, I already told you that there was no way in God’s green Earth that was going to happen. Stephen Chow, uber mega star in Asia, is going to play second fiddle to a pudgy second-tier actor in Hollywood? Perish the thought. But that hasn’t stopped Rogen, who in an interview with MTV, is still clinging to the fantasy that getting Chow might be possible.

When discussing the Green Hornet movie, Rogen talks about how he’d approach it. And yes, it’s as you expected — he’s going to turn this into some campy comic book movie. Or not. (via)

“Just a few weeks ago, [co-writer Evan Goldberg and I] laid out our outline for the movie to the studio, and before the phone call, Evan and I were like, ‘This is not like any superhero movie — they might just hate that,’ ” Rogen recalled. ” ‘It’s not using any of the normal superhero movie formats. It’s not an origin story. It’s more like a regular action movie.’ [But] they really liked it and told us to go for it.”


“There’s a more comedic version and a less comedic version, and we don’t know what will feel right until we’re actually writing it,” he revealed to MTV News. “We were about to start writing the script, and then the [writers’] strike hit.


“I think what’s most important about the Kato part is it’s someone that you believe can kick the sh– out of a lot of people,” Rogen said of the role made famous by Bruce Lee in the late-’60s television version. “[‘Kung Fu Hustle’ star] Steven Chow is incredible. That was someone we had talked about. I’m a big Tony Jaa fan also.”

I don’t know who misspelled Stephen Chow’s name, but it’s probably MTV’s fault on that one. But you can lay the blame on Rogen’s fudge-addled mind that believes he can possibly get Chow to play his sidekick. Tony Jaa, on the other hand — maybe, but Jaa can’t act. Then again, does acting really matter in a movie with an overweight superhero fighting crime?

Ugh. This ain’t gonna be pretty, kids.

Seth Rogen Talks Green Gornet. Hint: It’s Not Pretty, Kids.