Seth Rogen Wants Stephen Chow for Kato

Apparently Seth Rogen, writer/star of the upcoming “Green Hornet” remake, has made the first gesture toward his dream Kato — and it’s none other than Hong Kong superstar Stephen Chow! Yeah, if this does end up happening, it’ll probably be the best thing to happen to this remake idea, because frankly, the idea of Rogen playing the Green Hornet is just too silly that I don’t think there’s any way at all this movie could be good. But with Chow onboard? Damn, that will mean there’s a strong possibility the “Green Hornet” remake won’t suck as it clearly will. Then again, don’t hold your breath, kids, because it ain’t gonna happen. Wanna know why?

Because Stephen Chow is MEGA MEGA MEGA MEGA SUPER DUPER MOVIE STAR in Hong Kong, China, AND Asia. This guy can do no wrong, with a string of hits under his belt, with his most recent being “Kung Fu Hustle”, which he wrote, directed, and starred in.

And you think Stephen Chow is going to agree to play second fiddle to a second-tier movie star in America? Get real!

So nice work with the olive branch, Seth, but it’s not going to work. I’ll be shock if Chow doesn’t laugh his ass off when someone asks him about this in Asia.

(Then again, I could be wrong…)

Seth Rogen Wants Stephen Chow for Kato