Setup Trailer, or, How The Hell did Fiddy Get Bruce Willis to Co-star in a Cheap Looking Direct-to-DVD Movie?

Curtis “.50 Cent” Jackson is on a roll, if by “roll” you mean put out an obscene amount of direct-to-DVD action/gangster movies that probably no one but .50 Cent fans will ever go in search of in the first place. In 2010, Jackson put out 3 movies, all direct-to-DVD, and in 2011, has him coming out with five (count’em, five) movies, one of which is “Setup” with Bruce Willis and Ryan Phillippe, possibly his biggest film of the fivesome, and even it will probably go straight to DVD. (I guess Val Kilmer was too busy for “Setup”.)

Here’s the trailer for “Setup” (via Vulture), which features a lot of backstabbing and people threatening other people, with Bruce Willis doing half of the threatening. I haven’t a clue what’s going on, but from what I can gather, some friends rob something, then one of them (Phillippe) double crosses them, leaving .50 for dead. Of course, he doesn’t know that many have tried to cap Fiddy’s ass before and no one has yet to succeed. Silly white boy.

My guess? Look for it on DVD sometime soon. Mike Gunther directs.