Seven Clips From American Violet

“American Violet” is based on a true story, one of those “so strange it can’t possibly be true” true stories that actually happened down here in Texas now all that long ago, and is one of those times where you realize there are still parts of America that hasn’t grown up with the rest of the country. It stars newcomer Nicole Beharie (“The Express”), and co-stars a veteran cast that includes Alfre Woodard, Will Patton, and Charles S. Dutton.

A twenty-something African-American single mom struggles to make ends meet in a small Texas town. When cops arrest her in a drug sweep, she insists on her innocence. Refusing a plea bargain that would allow her to avoid jail time, Roberts stands up against a corrupt law enforcement and judicial system.

Get some justice April 17.

Poster and seven clips from the movie below.