Seven New Clips From Beckinsale’s Whiteout

In order to get you pumped, jazzed, and/or passionate about Kate Beckinsale’s upcoming Antarctica murder mystery “Whiteout,” seven snazzy little clips from the movie have been conveniently released on-line. Whether or not they’ll stir up any sort of buzz, of course, remains to be seen. Personally, I’m not totally convinced that the picture’s going to be worth anything at all, though this may be due to my unapologetic ignorance in regards to the source material. I’ve certainly been wrong before. Huge thanks to Dread Central for the clips.

The film hits American theaters on September 11th.

Clip: Never Underestimate the Ice

Clip: Attack

Clip: We Have to Dig Ourselves Out of Here

Clip: Has he Said Anything

Clip: If we Leave, You’re Stuck here All Winter

Clip: Whiteout

Clip: Storm Attack