Seven Psycho Chasin’ Clips from Alex Cross


Tyler Perry in Alex Cross (2012) Movie Image

Strange that I haven’t seen as much advertising for Tyler Perry’s “Alex Cross” as much as I thought I would. I’ve seen ads here and there, but not the kind of advertising blitz that usually accompanies a big movie. It’s Perry, a big can’t-miss movie star in a brand franchise, what could be bigger than that? Then again, maybe I’m watching the wrong channels. In any case, check out seven clips from “Alex Cross” to get you ready for the films opening next week. Are you buying Tyler Perry as a badass cop that will send your soul to hell if you touch his loved ones? One thing’s for sure: the contrast between a freakishly ripped Matthew Fox and a tad paunchy Tyler Perry is kinda amusing.

Crusading Detective/Psychologist ALEX CROSS (Tyler Perry) meets his match against the psychotic, mob hit man, MICHAEL SULLIVAN aka THE BUTCHER. As Cross investigates the hit man’s gruesome murders, Sullivan decides to send him a deadly message by murdering his wife in cold blood. Now enraged, Cross vows to hunt down the killer if it’s the last thing he does. However, Sullivan is a serial killing mastermind and continues to evade Cross while pushing him to an ethical breaking point as a cop and father. As Cross closes in on the killer, he discovers evidence that points to the unimaginable–a revelation that could change everything. With unstoppable action, and unforeseeable twists, this suspenseful action thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Also starring Jean Reno, Edward Burns, Rachel Nichols, Giancarlo Esposito, John C. McGinley, Carmen Ejogo, Chad Lindberg, Cicely Tyson, and directed by Rob Cohen.

Dare to cross Alex Cross October 19, 2012.

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  • Dedpool

    Just not buying it. Should’ve been Idris Elba for someone a bit younger than Freeman, and if they wanted really young then Anthony Mackie. Hell even Mekhi Pfiefer would’ve worked after seeing him on Torchwood.

    • Juggernaut

      I disagree. I think Madea has a nice Fremanity to his performance. I am a bit miffed that they did some spoiling in the clips though.

      • Dedpool

        I can see his dramatic talent but he doesnt command the respect and attention that Freeman does to me.

        • Wolfdaddy21

          That may be simply due to Freemans long and distinguished career. Perry wanted to get out of doing Medea a while a go but a promise kept him in it, but it looks like he is trying again to expand himself.

          • X_p

            no i think we would all be happier with freeman’s ancient bones in this movie. ANYONE would be better than this guy! i mean for reals we laughed Martin Lawrence into retirement for dressing up like a fat woman and this guy is gonna get to move on past it? im sorry but no. this smells like crap and im hoping the movie going audience doesnt take the bait.

          • Dedpool

            Oh they will, half out of morbid curiosity, and half out of genuine want to see it.

  • X_p

    let me get this straight… you spend ten years dressing as a fat pushy black woman in countless d grade direct to BET quality movie. then you plague cable with horrible d- quality sitcoms and now you want us to take you seriously as an action star??? GTFOH!!! hahaha

    this is the most ridiculous movie this year and thats saying something!
    also if this movie is a hit, it just proves that southpark episode right.

    • Curtis

      The Medea films were never as good as the actual plays, nor were the sitcoms. But Im willing to see him expand his acting creds.

  • Clementv

    tyler Perry should try to play a lawyer or in a movie about a homosexual coming out of the closet. He is not Alex Cross. His personna is too different.