Seven Saucy Clips From Jennifer’s Body

JENNIFER'S BODYPopular opinion of the week: I don’t like Megan Fox. While I’ll readily admit that she is easy on the eyes, her poor attitude and overall lack of talent in front of the camera completely obliterates any sex appeal she may have. And while many have labeled me both “insane” and “homosexual” for openly expressing these thoughts in a public forum, I’m pretty sure there are others who feel the same way. However, try as I might, I simply cannot deny that “Aeon Flux” director Karyn Kusama’s upcoming horror outing “Jennifer’s Body” looks impossibly appealing. Besides, watching Fox violently consume her friends has got to be a metaphor for something, right? Those who can’t wait to stare and drool and fantasize can feast their degenerate eyes on the handful of clips below.

“Jennifer’s Body” will attempt to seduce audiences on September 18th.