Several Eerie Set Pics from Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

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Thank God for photographers who like to poke around movie sets in the middle of the night. Photographer Sara Collaton stumbled into a freaky carnival being used for the upcoming horror flick “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D”, a film I happen to be pretty jazzed about despite the use of the third dimension. Below you can find several images from Sara’s trek into this insanely creepy landscape. I will say this: the girl is a lot braver than I am. I would have run screaming for my mother as soon as I laid eyes on that hideous clown. Yikes.


Author: Todd Rigney

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  • Dedpool

    SUHWEET! I just rewatched the first one, and it’s still creepy as all hell and one of the best game adaptations and very underrated. The inclusion of the carnival is a good thing as it will add a bit more variety to the sets. I know they’re basing this one mostly on the Silent Hill 3 game but I’m curious as to how they’ll rectify the ending of the first film which still had the mother and daughter trapped in the foggy dimension. And from what i read after the events of the first film the father changes their names as Sean Bean is lited as both Chris DiSilva (character from first film) and Harry Mason (the characters name in the first game) and Radha Mitchell will be reprising her role as Rose DiSilva from the first film, with the new protagonist being a teenaged Sharon and renamed heather (the same as the daughter of the main character from the first game and protag of the third).