Several Images and a Couple of Posters for Park Hoon-jeong’s Bloody Fight

Screenwriter Park Hoon-jeong — the man responsible for penning both “The Unjust” and “I Saw the Devil” — makes his highly-anticipated directorial debut with “Bloody Fight”, a historical action flick that, in my humble opinion, has some serious potential. As you may know, Kim Ji-woon’s “I Saw the Devil” was one of my favorites of 2010, due in part to Park Hoon-Jeong’s remarkably whip-smart script. As such, I’m extremely anxious to see what the guy is capable of behind the camera, particularly since “Bloody Fight” seems to be a completely different film than what we’re used to seeing from him.

Here’s the plot in a nutshell:

In the 11th year of Kwang Hae-gun, Jo-seon soldiers go to war with China after an invasion. In the middle of Manchu, three people who have barely survived are being cornered by the Chinese forces, and begin a bloody battle not with their enemies but with their friends.

“Bloody Fight”, which stars Park Hee-soon, Jin Goo, and Ko Chang-seok, opens in South Korean theaters this February. A small gathering of images and posters have been assembled below.

Via Han Cinema