Several Images and Poster Art for Jim Wynorski’s Creature Feature Gila!

Jim Wynorski has directed some of the most entertaining motion pictures known to mankid. They may not be the most polished peliculas on the planet, but they’re deeply satisfying on a level high-profile Hollywood films rarely attain. The prolific filmmaker’s latest endeavor “Gila!” — a remake of the 1959 sci-fi/horror classic “The Giant Gila Monster” — doesn’t appear to stray too far from Wynorski’s previous efforts. I appreciate consistency, especially when it comes to low-budget B-grade cinema.

Here’s a spoiler-coated synopsis straight from IMDb:

The movie opens with a young couple parked in a bleak, rural locale pondering their future, A giant gila monster attacks the car, sending the young couple running for their lives. Chase Winstead , a young mechanic and hot rod racer and his girl Lisa (Madeline Voges), meets up with Chase’s former nemesis, Waco Bob (Jesse Janzen) and his sidekick Carla (Christina De Rosa). Prompted by calls from Mayor Wheeler (Gerard Pauwels) ,The local Sheriff (Terence Knox)enlists the help of Chase, a young mechanic and hot rod racer, locates the crashed car in the ravine and finds evidence of the giant lizard. They attempt to destroy the lizard, but that only emboldens it. The creature continues to prey on the small town. It starts to head for the Winstead homestead, However, Chase packs his prized hot rod with nitroglycerin and rigs it to speed straight into the monster, terminating the lizard in a fiery explosion and heroically saving the town.

I know the plot isn’t much to look at, but who really need an intricate narrative when you have enormous lizards terrorizing unsuspecting humans? “Gila!”, which stars Brian Gross, Terence Knox, and Jesse Janzen, will probably debut on SyFy before arriving on DVD and Blu-ray. Check out some pics and a cool fan-made behind-the-scenes slideshow below.

Via : Undead Backbrain