Several New Images from Scott Spiegel’s Hostel: Part 3

Hostel 3 (2011) Movie Image

Part three? Yes, dear readers. Part three. “Intruder” director Scott Spiegel takes the reins for the third installment in the “Hostel” franchise, the first of which that’s not directed by Eli Roth. The film follows a group of morons who take a trip to Las Vegas, only to find themselves being tortured inside an American branch of the Elite Hunting Club. If that premise sounds like a good time to you, perhaps this collection of images will tickle your sadistic fancy.

“Hostel: Part 3”, which stars Kip Pardue, Brian Hallisay, Sarah Habel, John Hensley, Skyler Stone, Chris Coy, and Thomas Kretschmann, hits DVD and Blu-ray on December 23rd, 2011. If you missed the trailer, that little slice of heaven has been included, as well.

Via : Shock Till You Drop