Several Pics from the Jet Li Fantasy Flick The Sorcerer and White Snake

Who doesn’t want to watch a Jet Li movie about a monk who must save a scholar from the lustful advances of a mystical white snake? It’s worth noting, of course, that the aforementioned creature has taken a human form, which will probably make romantic angle a little easier to swallow. The film in question is director Tony Ching Siu-tung’s martial arts driven fantasy outing “The Sorcerer and White Snake”, which is based on the oral Chinese folktale “Legend of the White Snake”. You can read more about that particular topic by clicking right here. The film also stars actor/singer Raymond Lam, who portrays the young man who falls for the sexy snake. I honestly can’t believe I’m writing this stuff.

But, I digress.

Below you’ll find a handful of stills from the upcoming endeavor, which should find its way into Hong Kong theaters towards the end of 2011. Although watching a movie that features Jet Li locking horns with a computer-generated snake might be a hard sell for some, I’m ready to purchase my advance tickets right now. In the meantime, this small gallery of images will have to suffice. Life is hard like that sometimes.

via Buzzes Cafe