Sex and Blood and Vampires in First Red Band Trailer for Kiss of the Damned

Kiss of the Damned (2012) Movie Poster

There ain’t no glitterin’ vampires in Xan Cassavetes’ feature-film directorial debut, the horror flick “Kiss of the Damned”, which stars Milo Ventimiglio of “Heroes” fame as a poor schmuck who falls in love with a vampire and ends up turning into one himself. You’d think that’s a bad thing, but apparently it’s pretty groovy, and soon Milo is totally digging the vampire lifestyle and, of course, wild sex. Of course, that wouldn’t be much of a movie if trouble didn’t arise in the form of another vampire. Oh, young vampire love.

Check out a Red Band trailer (and a previously released Red Band clip) from “Kiss of the Damned” below.

Beautiful vampire Djuna tries to resist the advances of the handsome, human screenwriter Paolo, but eventually gives in to their passion. When her troublemaker sister Mimi unexpectedly comes to visit, Djuna’s love story is threatened, and the whole vampire community becomes endangered…

Starring Josephine de la Baume, Roxane Mesquida, Michael Rappaport, Riley Keough, and Anna Mouglalis.

Get kissed this May 3, 2013.