Sexy Action Packed Trailer for Morten Tyldum’s Headhunters

Naked people and action sequences are always a blast, especially when they’re done right. Enter Norwegian director Morten Tyldum’s “Headhunters”, an adaptation of author Jo Nesbo’s crime novel. The embedded clip has all of the right elements for a kick-ass action flick: attractive people in various stages of undress, car chases, and a plethora of gun battles. What’s more, the film actually look like it has a fully functioning brain behind this visceral material, a rarity in a motion pictures that boldly incorporates such exploitative elements. You’ll see for yourself in a moment.

Here’s what you get in terms of story:

Roger is a man who seems to have it all: he is Norway’s most successful Headhunter, married to the beautiful gallery-owner Diana, owns a magnificent villa – but living larger than he should. To keep up he is stealing art on the side. At a gallery opening, his wife introduces him to Clas Greve. Not only is he the perfect candidate for the CEO position of the GPS company Pathfinder that Roger is currently recruiting for; he is also in possession of a very valuable painting. Roger sees his chance to become financially independent, and starts planning his biggest hit ever. He soon runs into trouble – and it’s not financial problems that are threatening to knock him over this time.

In case you were wondering, this one probably isn’t safe for work.

Source: Twitch