Sexy Little Trailer for the Upcoming Horror Flick Strippers vs. Werewolves

Lucy Pinder in Strippers vs. Werewolves (2011) Movie Image

Strippers are handy individuals to have around. When they’re not grinding endlessly for your entertainment, they can actually save you from a wide assortment of dangerous creatures and hideous monsters. The upcoming horror flick “Strippers vs. Werewolves”, as you may already have guessed, pits these curvy lasses against a legion of hairy beasts hellbent on destroying whoever stumbles into their line of sight. And if the stripper angle wasn’t enough to sell you on this high-brow concept, perhaps the presence of genre icon Robert Englund will do the trick. Because if there’s one thing horror buffs love more than big boobs, it’s Robert Englund.

Here’s what the film is all about:

EANETTE, the club’s careworn owner, believes murdering customers is bad for business, so she orders the club’s bouncer to quietly dispose of the body. And there the matter should end … if Mickey hadn’t been a member of a bloodthirsty and vengeful pack of werewolves. When Mickey’s corpse surfaces, JACK FERRIS, the werewolves’ charming and vicious leader, swears bloody vengeance and sends his pack out to hunt down the killers. Little does he know, Justice is actually the fiancée of his second in command, SCOTT. To make matters worse, Justice bites Scott during sex and now may be infected with the curse of lycanthropy herself.

Add to the mix werewolf BARKER, the masturbating man-child SINCLAIR, the occultist with low self-esteem and a bevy of the most beautiful women this side of heaven and you have the perfect recipe for balls to the wall, frenetic, skimpily clad, strippers on werewolves action-packed goodness.

I love that one of the characters in this movie is a masturbating man-child. That is just fantastic. “Strippers vs. Werewolves”, which also stars Billy Murray, Dean Williams, Charlie Bond, Gloria Savage, Barbara Nedeljakova, Ali Bastian, Coralie Rose, Alan Ford, Sarah Douglas and Nick Nevern, will hope find its way onto DVD and Blu-ray sometime next year.

Strippers vs. Werewolves (2011) Movie Poster