Seymour Hoffman Denies Batman Casting

Here’s a shocker: another actor who has been linked to “Batman Begins 3” has denied any involvement with the movie, or even knows what the heck everyone is going on about. Two days ago MTV ran a ridiculous article that quoted Michael Caine (Alfred in both of Christopher Nolan’s Batman flicks) as saying Philip Seymour Hoffman and Johnny Depp were already cast as the Penguin and Riddler, respectively, for the still-untitled “Batman Begins 3”. Well, we already know that Johnny Depp has never heard anyone mention it to him about joining the movie, and now Hoffman has said pretty much the same thing.

Again, via MTV:

“No one has talked to me about it ever — never,” replied Hoffman. “It happened, like, five years ago, too. It was a rumor back then and it’s still a rumor. [laughs] It’s just in the press. It’s funny.”

To further cement this issue, Hoffman added that he’d never met Nolan (”Maybe I did or met him in passing?”), and that his interest in comic book movies is purely on a fan level, and he intended to keep it that way.

“I’m such a fan of those movies,” related Hoffman. “Comic book movies in general I look forward to — I am a real cheerleader for them. I want them to do well because those are terrific stories. As a kid I was a big comic book collector. What [Nolan]’s doing is taking it in a whole other exciting great place. I’m more a fan, so the interest of being in it isn’t that great. It’s more the interest in wanting to see the next one. It’s probably better that way.”

Translation: “Forget it, no one’s catching me in a friggin Penguin suit with a prosthetic nose and top hat, buckaroos.”

Too bad, too, because Hoffman would have brought a lot of class and great acting talent to the Batman movies. Depp is still not out of the realm of possibility, but according to Hoffman himself, it ain’t gonna happen with him.

Below: “I’m sorry, Ethan, but I have to say no to the Batman movie. But that doesn’t mean we can’t play Batman and Robin in my ‘cave’, if you know what I mean…”

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