Sgt. Rock is Back … But Not in WWII

It seems like everyone with some action movie clout has tried to make a “Sgt. Rock” movie at one point or another in Hollywood, with each big name eventually falling by the wayside. The latest stab at bringing the tough Sergeant and his merry killing men to the big screen comes courtesy of Warner Bros., who has attached “I am Legend” director Francis Lawrence to lead the charge. The catch? Forget WWII, the boys are done fighting Nazis.

The movie will be based on the D.C. Comic that starred Sgt. Frank Rock, the Thompson-armed leader of Easy Company, who first appeared in a 1959 issue of “Our Army at War” before it was renamed “Sgt. Rock” in 1977. The comic ran until 1988, and usually featured Rock and his Easy Company doing impossible missions behind enemy lines. The last director attached to the project was Brit Guy Ritchie, but he’s since departed to take a shot at “Lobo”, another comic book movie that I don’t expect to actually get made. Ever.

But if “Sgt. Rock” does end up made under Lawrence, it will no longer be set in WWII, and instead will be transplanted to the future. That’s according to the article. They don’t really make clear if by “the future” they mean a futuristic setting with ray guns and spaceships and aliens, or if they meant the movie would just leap-frog Rock and the boys from their usual WWII setting to the present day.

With Lawrence attached to direct, Chad St. John will script, and Joel Silver will produce for Warner Bros.

Sgt. Rock is so badass, he needs a giant-sized comic to hold all the badassness.

Sgt. Rock is so badass, he needs a giant-sized comic to hold all the badassness.