Shake Hands With the Devil Trailer

shake-hands-with-the-devilThere have been several recent films looking back on the African genocide, including The Last King of Scotland and Hotel Rwanda. In spite of the knowledge of the events, the entire region hasn’t received the kind of support and help that it deserves. For most people in the developed world, the searing films that the genocides “inspired” seem to be the only witness of the events. Now comes Shake Hands With the Devil, which is based on a book by General Romeo Dallaire about how his request for more aide before the 1994 Rwandan genocide went unanswered by the United Nations. The film is being directed by Roger Spottiswoode (The 6th Day, Tomorrow Never Dies) and stars Roy Dupuis in the role of General Dallaire. The film actually premiered at the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival but has just recently picked up a distributor. It is planning to be released in 2010.