Shane Black Talks Iron Man 3, Nixes the Mandarin as a Villain?


Shane BlackThis is all just assumption, of course, but when Shane Black, the co-writer/director of the upcoming “Iron Man 3″ calls the Mandarin a “racist caricature”, he’s pretty much nixing the character as a possible villain for Tony Stark, right? Of course, he could just be referring to the character’s comic book roots, but that he plans to change it up so that he would be less “racist” in the movie. Or not.

In any case, while attending the Long Beach Comic Con (sheesh, how many of these comic cons are there exactly?), Black took center stage at a panel and, among other topics, “Iron Man 3″ of course came up early and often.

After answering the Mandarin question, Black refused to name a villain that he and co-writer Drew Pearce came up with for the third movie. He also admits he has no idea why Jon Favreau left, though he’s asked Favreau to return as Happy Hogan, Tony Stark’s all-purpose manservant, or at least make a cameo appearance. Black also confirms that Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle would return as Pepper Potts and Rhoades, respectively, but would not commit on a return appearance by The Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson).

Black also gets into a bit about why he thinks the second movie was not nearly as good as the first (he apparently had a hand in the first movie, having workshopped with Downey Jr. and Favreau on it for a couple of days), and confirmed that his adaptation of the Japanese manga “Death Note” was still alive and kicking, though there is apparently enough studio interference on that that it might not be for long.

Oh, and guess what? Black announces that he’s currently working on a TV version of his 1996 spy/action movie “The Long Kiss Goodnight” with Warner Bros. Hellooooooo Charly Baltimore.

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Author: Nix

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  • Juggernaut

    Although I’d like to see Mandarin in the third installment, the refference of the terrorist group is already a nod to the character. I suppose they could do without him as an actual villain. In the second film it is very faintly hinted at that Vanko has ties to the Russian cell of The Ten Rings. They should include the presence of The Ten Rings as a common denominator among the Ironman universe villains if they go with a different foe in this third installment. Madame Masque or The Ghost could be possible foils for Tony this time. It would be in the espionage style that Black had eluded to and would be a good way to get away from the armored villain archetype. As for Favreu returning as Happy and the rest of the cast members appearances, I really hope that Happy comes back. If he doesn’t, a line about him vacationing at Disneyworld would be cool. Pepper is a must. I’d like to see a full fledged War Machine movie but I’ll take what I can get. Scarlett Johannsen will no dout be getting her own vehicle for Black Widow after The Avengers.

  • Shazam!

    The eternal trouble with comic book movies will always be that the hero is only as good as their villain. In my opinion, that’s the reason that most of these peripheral films that Marvel wants to make will bomb – including – and I’m sorry Jugs – WarMachine and Black Widow. Elekra comes to mind. Cool character, but not cinematic enough and definitely lacking in the adversary department.

    The Mandarin NEEDS to be the next villain for Tony simply because he’s the only somewhat decent film sized villain Tony has who doesn’t wear a suit of armour. In response to the directors comments, of course you change him – you don’t want him to remain a characature – but I really think he’s the only option left.

  • Dedpool

    @-Juggy and Shazam!- I’m kind of on both sides. I can easily see them working in Ghost, Madame Masque, and the Armor Wars storyline tied into this new version of the Ten Rings. It’d build on what happened in IM2 and expand and allow for more screen time for War Machine in teh film at all.

    But I can also see them doing a real version of the Mandarin and still do a nod to Armor Wars. The Mandarin, as he is referred to by the criminal underworld, is Gene Khan (playing on the character created form Armored Adventures, or give him whatever his 616 name is) a young, brilliant business mogul much like Tony Stark, but he’s the Eastern version. His company is currently only second to STark Industries, and is about to pull ahead. Khan has reverese-engineered the 10 alien rings he found on an expedition to create some amazing tech but he wants Stark Tech to complete his complete industrial take over. Have the Ghost work for him and steal the blueprints. Have Madame Masque be his American contact, etc. But it can easily be done.

    • Juggernaut

      All of your ideas are very good and extremely plausible. The IM movies have done a nice job of using the characters’ codenames without beating you over the head with them and making it too cartoonish. Having Khan be the Asian tycoon is an easily done concept. Ghost and Madame Masque could be intertwined as well. The reverse-engineering of an alien technology could be explained by the cosmic cube, Marvel’s Mcguffin. I have a lot of hope for the next film.

  • ngchikiu

    5 words…

    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 2!!!!!!