Shaolin Hit Man? Yup. Check Out the Trailer for Zheng Liu’s Martial Arts Actioner Blood Money

Blood Money (2012) Movie Poster

Apparently Zheng Liu is often referred to as “the next Bruce Lee”, though that’s news to me cause I’ve never heard of the guy. He looks like he’s got the moves though, judging by this trailer for his latest martial arts flick “Blood Money”, which finds him playing an ex-Shaolin badass who decides to get into the hitman business. Hey, at least he’s not on “one last job” before retiring, right? The ’80s inspired poster above notwithstanding, the film actually looks very decent, and when Liu cracks that metal bar over his head, that’s apparently all real, because the film promises “real action, real fighting, real contact!” (exclamation point theirs). Then again, I spy some CG shenanigans in the movie…

BLOOD MONEY introduces American audiences to the martial arts sensation Zheng Liu, often called “the next Bruce Lee,” and features world-famous rap star Pitbull and Hong Kong film legend Chia Hui Liu aka Gordon Liu (Kill Bill 1 & 2). When a powerful Shaolin warrior (Zheng Liu) turns to crime after his parents are killed and sister kidnapped, the drug cartels of America, Australia and Hong Kong are about to feel the sting of the world’s deadliest hitman.

The film stars Zheng Liu, Gordon Liu, and Pitbull, who I know as “the guy who sings beer commercials during football games”. I guess he’s also “world famous” as well. Gregory McQualter directs.

XLrator Media is releasing “Blood Money” on DVD and Blu-ray August 28, 2012.