Shaolin Soccer 2: Shaolin Girl Trailer Online

In “Shaolin Soccer 2: Shaolin Girl”, Hong Kong writer/director/producer Stephen Chow may or may not be an actual producer on the movie, and even if he was, he probably didn’t have very much input, so does it really matter? It’s a Japanese sort-of sequel, about a Japanese girl who plays lacrosse (yes, lacrosse, in Japan) who decides to go to the Shaolin temple for training. She goes back to play lacrosse and much mayhem and whatnot ensue. Or something. Anyways, the trailer for it has arrived online, so take a gander at it yourself. It looks enjoyable enough; or at the very least, not nearly as crappy as it could have been. The lead girl is very pretty, too.

Starring Shibasaki Kou, Nakamura Toru, Eguchi Yosuke, and produced by Fuji TV.

The Shaolin strikes 2008.