Sharknado Sequel is Currently Being Discussed at SyFy

Sharknado (2013) Movie Image

In case you haven’t heard, “Sharknado” became a viral sensation with a little help from social media. Thunder Levin and Anthony C. Ferrante’s deliriously stupid SyFy flick ended up trending worldwide, though this really didn’t help the movie become a ratings sensation. It seemed more people were just content to talk about the movie on Twitter instead of, you know, actually watching the damned thing.

Although the movie only drew in around 1.4 million viewers during its premiere on Thursday, the boys and girls at SyFy are considering a sequel. Nothing about the follow-up has been properly discussed, but the project isn’t out of the question.

SyFy’s Thomas Vitale explained:

The truth is that this has all happened so quickly. It’s been such a whirlwind day. We’ve had a lot of meetings, emails. I’m not being coy, [but] that’s obviously being talked about. There may be some kind of announcement coming forth but there’s nothing going to be announced now just because we haven’t had real discussions with the real people we have to talk to about that.

While they’re waiting for news about the sequel, fans of “Sharknado” will have another chance to see the flick next week. SyFy has scheduled an encore performance of the bizarre creature feature for June 18 at 9pm. Twitter hipsters, this will give you a chance to redeem yourselves. Don’t just talk about “Sharknado” — WATCH IT.

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Via : The Hollywood Reporter