Sharlto Copley Says Oldboy Remake Is Dark, Gritty, And True To The Original


Sharlto CopleyDoesn’t it feel like the remake of Park Chan-wook’s “Oldboy” has been in the works for forever? Things have been progressing with more and more quickness, however, and the film has Spike Lee at the helm with Josh Brolin in the lead role of a man imprisoned for years in a hotel room with no explanation.

“Oldboy” also has Sharlto Copley (“District 9”, “The A-Team”) on board to play the villain. When cornered at Comic Con, Copley, who is in the midst of preparing for the role, and thus hesitant to talk about the part, did speak a bit about the feel and spirit of the remake.

They’ve been very true to the spirit of it. It’s dark, it’s gritty. They’re not sort of softening it, which to me was important. And I’m very excited about that movie. I’m very excited about working with Spike and with Josh…I think it’s going to be a film that is really worth redoing and make that idea that is such an unbelievable story accessible to maybe more people than it was originally.

While that sounds all well and good, do you really expect him to say that the movie he’s about to appear in sucks and is terrible and is completely unnecessary? Me either. Against my better judgment, I still have a strange feeling that the “Oldboy” remake could be good. I like Lee, I like Brolin, I like Copley, and Brolin did promise they were going to keep the iconic hammer fight. But there’s so much they can’t do in an American movie. Maybe, just maybe, this will be worthwhile. If movies have taught us nothing, it’s that you can never count out an underdog, no matter how stacked the odds are against them.

You can watch the short video clip for yourself below.

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Via : MTV News

Author: Brent McKnight

Brent McKnight lives in Seattle with his dogs. He likes beards, movies where things explode, and overcast skies. His three favorite movies are "Rubin and Ed", "A Bittersweet Life", and "Out for Justice". He wishes his knees didn't hurt. On Twitter @BrentMMcKnight
  • ErickKwon

    Right off the bat, I think the remake will have a different vibe because Brolin is more pretty-boy than Copely so it’d be a reverse on the original, and I think the only thing you’d lose even in a hard-R American remake will be the octopus scene.

    • Dedpool

      Especially after “Girl with the Dragon tattoo” remake! I think they can push the limits a bit with this.

      • Brent McKnight

        I certainly hope so.