Sharlto Copley to Headline Open Grave, Oldboy Details

Sharlto Copley in The A-Team (2010) Movie ImageSharlto Copley is always an interesting actor. I thought he was the best thing about “The A-Team”, but then, I actually liked that movie. I grew up on the show, and I thought it had enough homage and newness in it to be entertaining. And Copley’s Murdock was a hoot.

Copley was previously rumored to have been offered the villain in Spike Lee’s remake of “Oldboy” (I still think they’re going to change the title sooner or later), and it looks like he’s officially on the team. The plot sounds like it will remain pretty faithful to the original, with Josh Brolin playing a wrongly imprisoned man name Joe Douchett, who is freed after 15 years in captivity. He goes in search of his tormentors, led by Adrian Pryce (Copley), a billionaire with a grudge against Joe. Ji-tae Yu played the villain in the South Korean original.

After lots of delay, the remake is now set to shoot in September, with Lee directing from a script by Mark Protosevich (“I am Legend”). It’ll be very interesting if they decide to keep most of the film’s twists, as there are quite a few.

Meanwhile, Copley has also signed on to headline the horror movie “Open Grave”. That film will be directed by “Apollo 18’s” Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego, and will find Copley playing a man who “wakes up in the pit full of rotting bodies with no idea how he got there, begins to have flashbacks of himself murdering people and stars to believe he’s the killer.”

Yeah, that’ll teach him to wake up in a pit full of rotting bodies. Never works out, I’ve found.

Ji-tae Yu and Min-sik Choi in Oldboy (2003) Movie Image

Via : Deadline