Shazam! The Rock is Black Adam

The Rock wasn’t sure who he should play in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie “Shazam”, so he let the readers of MTV’s Movie Blog decide. And they have. The Rock will be suiting up as Black Adam, the nemesis of the movie’s Captain Marvel. (Now I haven’t read the comics or anything, and I’m not familiar with the character, but isn’t calling the bad guy in your comics “Black Adam” kind of, you know, racist? But I digress.) Says The rock: “I sayeth Black Adam as well. I love that. I love that [fans] were so vocal.” The Rock goes on to say that he’ll now talk with the movie’s director, Pete Segal, about the role he wants to play. Word is what The Rock wants, The Rock will get, so I guess that means The Rock is playing Black Adam in “Shazam”.

More about the Black Adam character from Wikipedia:

Black Adam is a fictional comic book character whose morally ambiguous nature has his character fall between the lines of heroism and villainy; as a result, he has associated himself with both superheroes and supervillains at different times.

Adam is depicted as a powerful Arab man wearing a costume similar to Captain Marvel’s, except that the red portions are black, and Adam does not wear a cape, although recent depictions of the character give him a black cape similar to the ones worn by the Marvel Family. Some artists, following C. C. Beck’s original design, also depict Adam with pointed ears.

Yeah, I’m gonna go on and guess that the whole “Arab man” thing is going to get erased for the movie.

Here’s The Rock talking about choosing Black Adam: