Sherlock Holmes Reshoot Underway with Brad Pitt as Moriarty?

Guy Ritchie’s “Sherlock Holmes” is already one of my must-see movies of 2009, mostly because it stars Robert Downey Jr. in a role that doesn’t require him to get all melodramatic and what have you. A movie where RDJ is allowed to show off his considerable charm is always a must-see. So what’s this we’re hearing about Brad Pitt being shoehorned into the movie as Sherlock Holmes’ arch foe Moriarty? Well that’s the word from British tabloid The Mirror, so right away I’m throwing out the caveat that you should take this with the biggest grain of salt you can carry.

In any case, says the UK newspaper of dubious legitimacy:

Madonna’s ex-hubby got in a right pickle with movie execs when they clapped eyes on the rough cut of his latest film… and felt like re-titling it the Mystery of the Missing Moriarty.

They ordered the director to reinstate the great Holmes’ evil nemesis, pronto.

But what could have been a huge disaster for Guy, 40, has actually turned out incredibly well – his film now boasts Brad Pitt!

Desperate for help, Guy phoned his old mucker Brad, who had starred in his gangster flick Snatch. Fortunately, Brad, 45, had a couple of days free in his busy schedule to pop over to Blighty to play the evil criminal mastermind.

If true, this would include a robust reshoot schedule, as the film has been finished for a while now, with RDJ, Jude Law, and the rest of the cast already moved on to other projects. Of course, I’m sure RDJ would gladly return to shoot more scenes with Pitt, if this article actually has merit.

In any case, since a “Sherlock Holmes 2” is already in the pipeline, if Pitt does end up playing Moriarty in the first movie, then it stands to reason he would have to sign on for a healthy role in the sequel as well, and that’s going to be a bigger commitment than doing someone “a favor” as this article seems to be implying.

UPDATE: Warner Bros. has called bullshit on The Mirror’s story. Wow, what a shocker.

Sherlock Holmes? I'll scalp 'em! Wait, wrong movie.

Sherlock Holmes? I'll scalp 'em! Wait, wrong movie.