Shia LaBeouf as Yorick in Y: The Last Man?

It would appear that way. That is, if Shia LaBeouf wants to do it, chances are the Powers That Be will fall all over themselves to give the role to him. And why not? The kid has been churning out nothing but hits, from “Transformers” to “Disturbia”, to the upcoming “Indiana Jones” sequel. “Y: The Last Man’s” director, D.J. Caruso, who last directed LaBeouf in “Disturbia” and will be working with him again in the terrorism-themed “Eagle Eye”, told MTV that the “It” boy of the century has been “chasing [the Yorick part] prior to anything” he’s done, which translates into: Yeah, LaBeouf is going to be Yorick, the last man left on Earth in the upcoming movie version of Brian K. Vaughan’s comics.

More about “Y” from the man who created it:

“The plague that has killed all of the men comes up often in science fiction,” Vaughan said, “but it’s either written by chauvinist pigs who have the lone survivor running around saving helpless women or by really well-intentioned men who have all the women go down to the U.N. and hold hands and declare an end to war, and there’s peace all over the planet. I thought both of those takes were sort of disrespectful to women.”

In Vaughan’s long-running comic book series, which is heading toward its conclusion later this year, womankind is far from united, and war is far from over “” especially not when the Israeli army has women trained in combat. Our hapless hero, Yorick, who survived the plague along with his pet monkey, Ampersand, has to navigate his way through this new world, which is alternately helpful and hostile to him. “There are all these pockets of women who are trying to get him for different reasons,” Caruso said. “The Israeli army, for one, is a really strong force and presence in trying to bring Yorick down and chasing him across the country.”


So what will the movie version be about?

“Y” is reaching its 60th issue, but Caruso and “Disturbia” screenwriter Carl Ellsworth are distilling the movie version to focus on the first 12 issues, “sort of combining them into a beginning, middle and end,” Caruso said. “The problem is that even in the first 12, there is so much great stuff, it’s like, what do you leave out? There really isn’t a ticking clock with Yorick, so what we basically did was give him a reason to get from Boston to California in a really short time.”

I’ve always loved this concept myself, so rock on, Caruso.

Shia LaBeouf as Yorick in Y: The Last Man?