Shia LaBeouf Grows Horns

Shia Labeouf with HornsShia LaBeouf has gone from fighting giant robots from outer space to more mundane fare. He’s signed on to star and “help develop” the big-screen adaptation of novelist Joe Hill’s “Horns”. Okay, so maybe “mundane” isn’t exactly the word used to describe “Horns”.

In the film, LaBeouf would play Ig Perrish, described as “a 26-year-old who blearily awakens from a drunken night out to discover horns sprouting from his head. But those are just one of his problems – there’s his girlfriend’s unsolved murder to solve and the curse that now sits over (and on) his head.”

Keith Bunin (HBO’s “In Treatment”) is currently writing the script for Mandalay Pictures, which will be based on the horror novel by Hill, the son of Stephen King.

Horns Novel Cover