Shoot ‘Em Up trailer hits

shoot (Article by Tony G.) After watching Commando recently, it occurred to me that they really don’t make films like that anymore. With exception to Crank, it has been a while since I’ve seen a really silly action film that actually delivers its promise to be…well fun.

But with the new Shoot “˜Em Up trailer on IGN, I’ve got to say I have quite a lot of faith. Now if I’m going to be cynical for one moment, there is every chance that this trailer has just shown us all the good bits, but I’m still very interested. The set pieces look fun and the actors (especially Paul Giamatti) seem like they’re having a blast.

While I don’t feel the plot is the most crucial element of a film like this, here is the synopsis from Worst Previews. I don’t think it’s going to strain too many minds, but what does that matter when you have Giamatti running around, screaming like a maniac.

“Shoot ‘Em Up is about the near homeless Mr. Smith (Clive Owen), who during a gun battle with unknown men, saves a baby mid-delivery. The mother is shot in the head, leaving the infant all alone in the hands of Smith. Thinking the assassins were after the mother, he soon discovers that the baby is the actual target. As a result, Smith takes the newborn to a prostitute (Monica Bellucci) forming a makeshift family while on the constant run and under fire. Unless Smith uncovers the reason why the baby is being chased; his, the prostitute’s and the child’s lives are in grave danger”

The film opens this September and IGN has your trailer (below):