Shoreline Picks Up Director Dante Tomaselli’s Torture Chamber

Torture Chamber (2012) Movie PosterExcitement overload: Shoreline Entertainment recently acquired North American distribution rights for “Desecration” director Dante Tomaselli’s hotly-anticipated genre effort “Torture Chamber”. As I’ve said before, we don’t get new motion pictures from this guy very often, and that’s kind of sad. Tomaselli has talent to spare, and his eerie, atmospheric flicks have never failed to creep me right the hell out. Now that Shoreline has their hands on the flick, perhaps we’ll get an opportunity to see his latest offering very soon.

Here’s a quick synopsis:

Hallucinatory horror shocker about an unholy bond between a mother and her two sons. A Catholic priest, devoted to saving his family, tries to cure his deranged younger brother — but 13-year-old Jimmy Morgan is possessed by an evil too powerful to be exorcised by any religion. After escaping from a mental institution, Jimmy is back with a vengeance — and an army of children who follow his every murderous desire. The town trembles in fear as the youths attack and abduct its residents — innocent and guilty alike — dragging their victims to an abandoned castle and subjecting them to grisly torments deep within its underground tunnels. Those who discover the terrible secret behind the disappearances and deaths don’t live long enough to tell it. The teacher, the doctor, even Jimmy’s own brother and mother, will all confront their fates in the Torture Chamber.”

“Lately our company has been focused on arthouse, foreign language and documentary films, but distributors have not let us forget that their appetite for genre-driven fare has not waned. We are delighted to take this horror picture that delivers the goods to the marketplace,” Shoreline head Morris Ruskin explained. Get this thing into theaters, already! If you missed the previously-released trailer, take a look at the video embedded below.

Via : Bloody Disgusting