Showgirls 2? Did You Say Showgirls 2? Surely You Jest.

Honestly, I’m at a lose for words. While I do own Paul Verhoeven’s deliriously awful 1995 epic cinematic fail “Showgirls” on DVD, I can’t imagine why anyone in their right mind would want a sequel. The film is kind of a like a bacterial infection in your crotch: Once you’ve had it, chances are you probably don’t want another one. According to the straight-shooters at Twitch, German director Marc Vorlander is preparing to unleash “Showgirls: The Story of Hope” on the public at-large. The strange little video on the film’s official website is beyond amusing, mostly because it feels like a sick joke perpetrated by a group of demented individuals who thoroughly enjoy torturing complete strangers. Regardless, my interest in piqued, and I plan to follow this one until it either spectacularly implodes or causes irreversible brain damage to everyone in my immediate family. Whichever comes first.

If Internet rumors are correct, the film will follow Rena Riffel’s character Hope from the first film. Specifically, the story chronicles her brother’s quest for revenge after Hope overdoses on wonky coke. Joke or not, I’m perplexed and curious, though strongly skeptical.

Check out the film’s official website by clicking right here. Let it be known that it is definitely not safe for work.