Showgirls’ Joe Eszterhas Returns with a New Erotic Thriller

Now this is interesting. A few years back, notorious Hollywood screenwriter Joe Eszterhas famously wrote a book about being born again and shunning his old Hollywood life of debauchery and drugs and partying. Apparently that didn’t last very long, or perhaps it did, and ol Joe can compartmentalize his work from his personal life/beliefs, because it looks like he’s back in the game. And not just any game, but the erotic thriller genre that he helped, ahem, stimulate with “Basic Instincts”, “Jade”, and of course, who can forget, “Showgirls”.

Eszterhas has a new script called “Lust”, and he’s teamed up with “The Lincoln Lawyer” producer Scott Steindorff to bring it to the big screen:

The Miami-set Lust centres on a married 30-year-old woman who is seduced by a younger playboy on a business trip to Los Angeles. The man’s Russian assistant, who is in love with him, records their liaison and shows the tape to the woman’s husband, a wealthy magazine publisher.

Apparently it’s all moving very fast, and the script is expected to attach a director and cast within the next few weeks.

However lustful “Lust” gets, how can it possibly top “Showgirls”, still the best bad movie of all time?