Showtime Renews Homeland for Second Season

Homeland TV Series PosterOnly four episodes into its 12-episode first season, and Showtime’s original series “Homeland” has found enough of an audience that the cable network has greenlit a second season.

Produced by show creators/runners Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa, “Homeland” stars Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison, a CIA analyst with a myriad of personal problems who believes that returning Iraq War hero Nicholas Brody (“Band of Brothers'” Damian Lewis) is in fact an Al Qaeda sleeper agent just waiting to go off. Unable to get the CIA head honchos to believe her (they’d rather use Brody for propaganda purposes), Carrie seeks to prove her theory by vigilantly tracking Brody.

Being that both Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa are former writers and producers on Fox’s real-time terrorist actioner “24”, my guess is that Season 2 of “Homeland” may have a very different storyline than Season 1. After all, you can only do the cat-and-mouse thing between Brody and Carrie for so long before it gets ridiculous.

Besides Lewis and Danes, the show also stars Mandy Patinkin as Carrie’s CIA mentor, and “Firefly’s” Morena Baccarin as Brody’s wife.

Clarie Danes and Mandy Patinkin in Homeland TV Series