Shyamalan, Like, Talks About the Airbender Movie

According to M. Night Shyamalan, he’s, like, almost got the whole “Airbender” thing ready to go for its 2010 release date. Like, it’s so cool what he’s come up with, it’s going to blow your mind and stuff. Like, I didn’t even know Shyamalan, who is infamously obsessed with Philadelphia, talks like a cheerleader from, like, The Valley in California. It’s pretty scary, actually, even more so than Shyamalan’s previous, er, well, every film since “The Sixth Sense”, actually.

In any case, Shyamalan recently did a phone press conference with some reporters, and Sci Fi Wire reported on his update for “The Last Airbender” movie (the “Avatar” part having been dropped, probably because of James Cameron’s movie of the same name). Some of the highlights below.

“It’s going to be really cool,” the director said about the Paramount picture on which he is now working. “I’m at the stage where we have [pre-visualized] about the last act of the movie. And because my normal approach to filmmaking is almost like I’m making an animated movie, to some extent–I think out every shot and analyze everything–it kind of lays out really nicely for a big CGI movie.

“Basically, I feel like I’m making the movie right now, like I’m editing it and all that stuff, because I’m doing the [pre-visualizations]. Like, if you were here, I could show you the last 30 minutes of The Last Airbender in animatic form, and it is an amazing and emotional experience just to watch that. I’m like, ‘Oh, this is so exciting.’ It gives you such safety, because it’s such a different kind of movie than I’m used to making. But yet, as we all were, we all came kind of born out of Star Wars, and somewhere in there is the desire to return to fantasy on that level.

“This fantasy movie may seem as if it’s coming out of nowhere, but it’s not,” he said. “You’ll see the seeds of it in Unbreakable and in Lady [in the Water] and in Signs, all of them a little piece of this and that, and the formality of The Village and the things in it should all go, ‘Oh, I get it, these are all the colors of his personality.’ As opposed to ‘I don’t get these other ones, how they relate.’ Do you know what I mean? It should be more of an honest palette.”

“Honest palette”? Yeah, I can see why people make fun of Shyamalan.

“The Last Airbender” is scheduled for Summer 2010. The film was originally supposed to be a trilogy, but that may have been dumped in favor of the one movie. Or maybe they’re waiting to see if there’s a market for the flick first before spending more cash.

Below: M. Night is, like, contemplative.

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