Sienna Guillory, Uh, Confirms She’ll Be in Resident Evil 5


I guess the gang’s all back for the as-yet-untitled “Resident Evil 5″ (I expect they’ll subtitle it with some sort of apocalyptic-sounding noun or such), and as expected, that includes Sienna Guillory as Jill Valentine, who was last seen at the very end of “Resident Evil: Afterlife”, the fourth entry.

Guillory took to Twitter to let fans know that she’s currently in training for part five, or as she puts it:

RE:5 alert! Training begins! I aim to mostly put less in the big hole on the front of my face than comes out of the little one on my arse.

Heh. Classy, Sienna, classy.

Author: Nix

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  • Dedpool

    Classy indeed! LOL but you know what I like my ladies not to be super prim and proper. LOL

  • Icwatudidthar

    If only George Romero’s version on Resident Evil came out… it wouldn’t be as big of a joke

  • Demeanes

    Isn’t she lovely XD
    Lets see some Feral Jill Valentine!

  • residentevil2.0

    oh yeah training i bet her and milla are going to have a serious cat fight they might throw claire into it maybe chris but this is what im thinking mabe chirs and claire both go take on wesker while milla is in this big epic fight thing with jill and she might manage to get the thing off her chest or this movie might set up anougher sequel can i say resident evil 6 movie coming soon or not lol but i love these movies i just got done watching 1-3 and im watching 4 now on dvd these movies are fun as hell but idk 4 seemed kinda depressing but towards the end it got me i was thinking maybe they could of ran threw the city shooting zombies on this big epic trip to the boat thats would of been cool but im looking forward to this cat fight ever sense resident evil 2 movie alice and jill had this kind of a ok bitch addittude towards each other and i cant wait i hope they provide flash backs and side story scences (ps i was just kidding i know jill and alice love each other very much jill and alice are long lost partners in a sense)

  • Raven1991

    Id be so happy if Jill became good I loved her when she fought along side Alice she was soo kickass!!