Sienna Miller Escapes from Nottingham?

That’s the word from the New York Post. Now I can’t say if the NYPost is reliable or not, and to be perfectly honest with you, I don’t know if it matters, as it doesn’t seem like Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood reimagining “Nottingham” will ever get made. The film has been delayed, pushed back, pushed back some more, and you gotta figure that all the principles — Scott and stars Russell Crowe and Sienna Miller — will have found plenty to do in-between. And considering that Scott is kind of infamous for being attached to movies that never happen — well, this may just be another one.

Anyways, from the NYP:

Sienna Miller has just dropped out of the plagued production of Nottingham. Miller, who was set to play Maid Marian, will announce another project shortly but insiders said the production, which had been on hold for six months, has been drastically retooled and rewritten.

Sienna Miller isn’t exactly the greatest actress to ever live, but in the right roles the girl could certainly smoke up the screen. And Miller as Maid Marion sure seemed mighty tempting, so she will be missed indeed if the movie ends up happening, and this ends up being true. Which it might not be, as no trades have confirmed the story as yet.

But wait, that’s not all! According to The Guardian, the real reason why Miller left the production was because Russell Crowe is getting too fat, and Miller is just too gosh darn skinny to play opposite him, resulting in Miller being forced out of the role.

Yeah, that makes perfect sense. In fact, nothing about this movie makes a whole lot of sense, in front or behind the scenes.

Thanks to “DanTix” for the heads up.

Below: Talk about bending over backwards for a role! Ahem.