Silence of the Lambs’ Clarice Gets her Own TV Show on Lifetime

Jodie Foster in The Silence of the Lambs (1991) Movie ImageWell, since Hannibal the Cannibal is already getting his own TV show, why not the woman who so fascinates him? That would be FBI Special Agent Clarice Starling, the object of Hannibal’s obsession in “Silence of the Lambs” and then again in “Hannibal”.

The TV adventures of Starling, set for an original series on the Lifetime Channel, would “follow the exploits of a young Clarice Starling soon after she graduates from the FBI academy.”

Lifetime’s “Clarice” won’t have anything to do with NBC’s version, which will focus on a younger Hannibal as he teams up with FBI agent Will Graham (the other FBI agent who so fascinates Hannibal, albeit without the sexual tension — at least that I am aware of, ahem) to solve crimes. The show promises that the novel team-up will be short-lived, though, as soon Hannibal’s darker urges will rise to the fore.

Starling is not expected to appear anywhere in NBC’s “Hannibal”, though that doesn’t necessarily mean Hannibal won’t be making an appearance in “Clarice”, unless they completely either ignore or gloss over that part of her career. As you’ll recall, in “The Silence of the Lambs” Starling was still an FBI cadet when she was sent over to interview Hannibal, so if the show is taking place after she graduates from the Academy, they could be skipping the Hannibal part while still able to reference that, and Starling’s capture of serial killer Buffalo Bill.

Starling was originally played by Jodie Foster in 1991’s “The Silence of the Lambs”, with Julianne Moore taking over the role in 2001’s “Hannibal”. Anthony Hopkins played Hannibal in both films, by the by, including the prequel “Red Dragon” with Edward Norton.

No word on when you can expect to see “Clarice” on the Lifetime Channel.

Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins in The Silence of the Lambs (1991) Movie Image

Via : TVGuide