Silent Hill and Resident Evil Producer Enters the House of Night


Davis Films LogoLast we heard on anything resembling movement on a movie version of the popular young adult series “House of Night”, it was way back in 2008, when “Twilight” was just getting off the ground and grabbing tweener cash by the fistful. Since then, we haven’t heard much from the property.

Until now, that is.

Producer Samuel Hadida and his Davis Films have acquired the film rights to the “House of Night” book series by author P.C. Cast and her daughter, Kristin Cast. There are nine volumes in the YA series so far, with the latest, “Destined”, just released last month.

The books chronicle the coming of age of 16-year-old Zoey Redbird, who learns she is genetically marked to either become a “vampyre” in adolescence, or be killed in the process. She leaves her family for the House of Night, a special boarding school for such “fledglings” to receive the training necessary to survive as an adult vampyre. At the House of Night, Zoey soon comes to experience a complex world where dark is not always evil, and light is not always good.

Hadida certainly has a lot of experience in horror movie franchises. Besides the “Silent Hill” movies (based on the games of the same name), his company Davis Films are also producers on the “Resident Evil” franchise (also based on the games of the same name).

The “House of Night” books have sold over 12 million copies so far and are published in 39 countries around the world. Yeah, I guess you could say it’s pretty popular with the reading kids.

House of Night Destined Novel Cover

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    oh my GOD!!!!!!!!! the house of night series should totally be made into movies! they are the best books ever!! :D

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    For a brief wonderful moment i thought they had it made and ready to go…they gotta make a movie!!

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    totaly need to make the house of night series into movies!!! lol everyone says I look like zoey redbird cause I remind them of her and favor her. :)

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    omg if they make a movie then they should make a video game which you could make a charcter who gets marked and becomes friends with zoey and you get a room mate and a school schedule and go to classes at the house of might that would be AWESOME!!!!!

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    I wana be in the castbim grate with animals and im wonderfull at riding horses i can get recamendations too i wantbto sooooooooooooo bad