Silent Night, Zombie Night Trailer is Tastier Than Tainted Eggnog

SNZNYes, director Sean Cain’s “Silent Night, Zombie Night” is yet another low-budget entry into the neverending onslaught of undead motion pictures, but at least it’s covering the genre from a slightly different angle. Considering that the holiday season is currently in full swing, it seems appropriate that this gore-soaked Christmas horror flick will make its Las Vega, Nevada premiere on December 5th. Unfortunately for this zombie-obsessed nutjob, I won’t be in attendance, but I’m sure it’s going to be a blast. After all, it isn’t officially Christmas until an obese zombie in a Santa Claus outfit takes a bullet to the brainpan. If you seek more information about the upcoming screening, has the proverbial goods.

If a plot synopsis is what you crave, have at it:

The Christmas horror film centers around a viral outbreak turning the citizens of Los Angeles into the feral undead. On the brink of breaking up with both his wife and partner, L.A.P.D. officer Frank Talbot finds himself trapped in a apartment with them both. As death closes in they try not only to survive, but work around the fact both men love the same woman.

Fantastic? Possibly. The trailer for said pelicula is embedded below.