Silly Talk about a Blade Prequel That is Never Going to Happen. Probably.

Reports are that Stephen Norringon is currently working on an idea to do a series of “Blade” prequels. And not just one, or two, but a whole whoppin’ trilogy. Okay, that in itself isn’t such a bad idea (kinda), but apparently the prequels won’t star, you know, Blade, but rather … Deacon Frost? The villain of the first “Blade” movie that got chopped up by Blade at the end? Um, yeah, how’s that gonna work exactly, Stephen Norringon? And why would anyone bother watching a prequel about the crappy villain of a pretty good comic book movie again?

The word comes from, who quotes an old 2008 article from the always suspect Brits tabloid that Stephen Dorff is going around saying (mind you, this is back in 2008) that Norrington and he are planning a trilogy of movies based on the Deacon Frost character, which Dorff played in the first “Blade” film. Because, apparently, Norrington finds the character endlessly fascinating. Or some such. Dorff, meanwhile, would love to be a leading man in a big movie, so we know he’s gung-ho for it.

Recently, Norrington seems to confirm this story, telling Mania that he plans to start working on it once he finishes up his “re-invention” of Alex Proyas’ “The Crow” movie. The fact that Norrington even thinks he can “re-invent” Proyas’ “The Crow” makes me think the man has gone off his rockers. He was a pretty decent director, once, but I’m afraid “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” must have fried his brains. Remaking a near-perfect movie like “The Crow” and now planning a trilogy based on a villain that no one even recalls from the first “Blade” movie? Someone call an ambulance before Stephen Norrington hurts himself.

Then again, this is Hollywood, after all, land bankrupt creativity. And they are remaking “The Crow”, for God’s sake. So…

Below: “Say, Wesley, wanna join me for the prequel trilogy? You can do a cameo or sumthin’.”