Silver Surfer Spin-off, Thor Movie Updates

So, uh, I guess this means the Silver Surfer doesn’t die, or turn into a human, or do anything of the wacky things that fans of the silver dude were probably worried might happen to their favorite character at the end of “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer”. Because if any of those things happened to him, they wouldn’t be talking about getting J. Michael Stracyznski of “Babylon 5” fame to write a spin-off movie for him. At least according to the LA Times via Comingsoon. And what about that “Thor” movie?

Feeling bullish on the eve of the release of its “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer,” Fox has already put a feature spinoff into development that will star the enigmatic Surfer, with J. Michael Straczynski currently crafting the screenplay.

A longtime writer of television science fiction on “The Twilight Zone” and “Babylon 5,” Straczynski has also spent much of the last few years writing for Marvel Comics on properties like “Amazing Spider-Man” and “Thor” (also in development with a Mark Protosevich screenplay and “Layer Cake’s” Matthew Vaughn reportedly negotiating to direct).

Brit Matthew Vaughn directing the “Thor” movie? I can’t see it. Vaughn has been attached to a host of comic book properties in the past, including the third “X-Men” movie and, for a while there, I think even “Watchmen”.

So there you have it. The Silver Surfer will apparently survive “Fantastic Four 2”, enough to get his own spin-off, but of course the viability of that idea will depend on how well “FF2” does at the box office. And they’re still churning away at that “Thor” movie…