Simon Baker and Paz Vega in Not Forgotten Trailer and Images

Here’s your first look at a new thriller starring Simon Baker (TV’s The Mentalist) and Paz Vega (“10 Items or Less”) called “Not Forgotten”. It looks like a very tight suspense thriller, and somehow the Mexican cartels get involved. That’s never a good thing, in case you were wondering. The film is directed by Dror Soref, most known for his Weird Al Yankovic music videos. I kid you not. Check out a trailer, posters, and images from the movie below.

Jack Bishop lives the life of every man’s dream with a beautiful wife and a happy, healthy daughter, Toby. He has the career he always wanted and a loving home in a peaceful Texas border town. But it is no coincidence that Jack’s life seems perfect. His past hides a black secret, one he hides from his family, one he hides from himself.

When Toby goes missing, Jack knows his past has come back to haunt him. He also knows the only way he can find her is to use the powers of his long forgotten faith, La Santa Muerte, protectors of the sinner, the worshippers of the dead.

Accompanied by the insecure newly-appointed sheriff and a pair of wary FBI agents, Jack’s search takes him deep into his past, to a psychic who visualizes Jack’s secret in terrifying detail, to the squalid barrios and seediest brothels in Mexico City’s underbelly. But the power of the La Santa Muerte is stronger then he ever imagined, as it reaches out to touch his family and reveals an even darker and unexpected web of lies and deceit.

Starring Simon Baker, Paz Vega, Chloe Moretz, Claire Forlani, Michael DeLorenzo, Ken Davitian, Melinda Page Hamilton, Benito Martinez, Julia Vera, Jim Meskimen, Zahn McClarnon, Daniel Escobar, and directed by Dror Soref.

Bonus clip from the movie. Check out more at the film’s YouTube channel.


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